“The fastest growing and most beautiful plant on planet Earth”

planting bamboo

The idea of planting bamboo inside a plastic barrier is what we call the "Walmart" solution. You can plant bamboo with a confining barrier, but the plant will do one of two things without proper maintenance. One, it will escape. Two, it will become rootbound and will not thrive.

Bamboo should be planted in open ground, preferably with some room for expansion over the course of the years you maintain and enjoy it.

The berm method is also preferable to confining barriers, though after the passing of time the bamboo will become confined and rootbound in the berm as well.

care and maintenance of the grove

Bamboo groves require watering, some fertilizer, thinning to remove canes that are old, diseased, or twoo close to other canes and/or obstructions.

Bamboo needs room to grow and expand, this is important for a healthy grove. Confining barriers and strategies will shorten the life of your healthy grove on your property.

removing bamboo

There is only one way to remove bamboo successfully from your property. You cannot 'kill' bamboo and attempting to do so by cutting canes, using poisonous substances, hacking at the rhizomes and root structure, will stimulate additional rhizome growth. Mercer Island Bamboo, a division of Seattle Bamboo, removes bamboo in the 'old fashioned' and most effective way, by digging every rhizome out of the ground.

We are different than many contractors, we do all the work ourselves. We do not hire employees. Bamboo extraction is both labor intensive and requires skill and attention to detail.

We guarantee our removal, if any bamboo returns in any area we have dug, we come back and remove it for free, forever.

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